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If I could summarize EELP in one word it would be “creative.” The Reggio-inspired curriculum aligns with children’s natural curiosity and enhances their social growth by allowing them to navigate relationships and problem-solve through play. The toys, art materials, natural outdoor space, and supportive teachers make an environment that lets kids create together and learn together. In just a few months at EELP our son’s imagination, his desire to learn, and his ability to problem-solve has grown significantly. We couldn’t be more thrilled with EELP.
Our daughter is loving EELP. She asks every morning where we are going that day and when we say EELP, she squeals, “Ooh!” Once she’s finished washing her hands, it’s hard to get her to say goodbye. I kiss her, but she’s already shifted her attention to usually the art table. Goodbyes are truly painless. She is loving her experience there, which of course makes us love it even more than we would already. Heading to work knowing your child is thriving, safe, and happy is pretty much the ideal in this life and we have that in spades because of EELP.
We could not be more thrilled with our decision to send our son to EELP. The teachers have been outstanding and the environment is so wonderful. Our son’s imaginative play and creativity have really taken off since he started here. He is excited to go to school each day.
Thank you for everything that past two years! We are excited about our son’s next step but are very sad to leave EELP. You have treated us like a family, you cared for our son and you deeply cared for us. You made our time at the
EELP so wonderful because of your daily smiles, kindness and such great focus and attention to making the best experience possible for the kids. I hope you know how much you make a difference in the lives of the kids but the parents too.