ANnual Art walk & Auction

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Our annual art Walk and Auction is on March 22, 2019!

In order to offer the wonderful program we have at EELP, we augment family tuition with fundraising to balance our budget. As in previous years, we reach our annual fundraising goal through an Annual Fund Drive in the Fall, followed by a Silent Auction during our Art Walk in the Spring (on March 22) that invites our extended community to help us raise the final dollars of our Fundraising Goal.

Art Walk & Silent Auction – What is it?

First and foremost this is an event where we gather as a community to celebrate why we’re all here - surrounded by the children’s artwork documenting their wonder and discovery at Epiphany Early Learning. It is also a way to invite our extended community to join us in the celebration on a really fun and lovely evening.

How can I help?

The success of our community event depends upon our community’s participation; our goal is for each class to contribute five (5) items each month until February 20. Below are some Auction Procurement Tips as well as an Auction Item Donation Form which you can fill out (or ask us for help) once you've procured or donated an item. 

Reaching out to our community

We’re lucky to be part of a community that has such interesting talents, skills and adventures to contribute as auction items every year! We’re also lucky to be a part of a business community that is eager to have exposure to our school’s committed group of parents who will take note of, and support, the businesses that support our school.

If there is anything else we can do to help make this year’s fundraising efforts as amazing as it can be please email us. We are so excited to work with you in making this EELP’s most successful event yet!